• Technology Overview
    Discipulus™ explores the solution space more thoroughly, producing reliable models :

       RML’s patented machine code genetic programming technology is at the heart of Discipulus™. It lets Discipulus conduct genetic programming in processor-specific machine-code. Machine code genetic programming is sixty to two-hundred times faster than other modeling tools.

       To get a sense of how much faster this is, running Discipulus on a single computer is equivalent to running other machine learning software on about one hundred computers, operating in parallel, simultaneously. Viewed another way, for very complex problems, Discipulus may take part of a day on a desktop computer to generate a reasonable solution. But other tools would be require months to do the same thing.

       This enormous speed lets Discipulus conduct hundreds of runs in the time it would take other systems to do one or two runs. As a result, Discipulus produces consistently high-precision models and gives customers the assurance that the models are among the best possible results for that problem--and it does that first time out and with no need for user set parameters. 
    Comparison & Other Success Stories
    Comparison of Discipulus with other Machine Learning Techniques on Real World Problems and other Success Stories
    How Discipulus Works

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