• Discipulus™ 5.2 Advantages
    Operational Advantage
    Discipulus lets analysts focus on best solutions rather than researching numerical formatting and solutions.
    • Integrated with Solution Analytics and Notitia Data Preparation tool
    • Scaling and preprocessing of inputs is usually unnecessary
    • Intelligent self-configuration means NO parameter setting
    • Built-in protection against over-fitting
    Speed Matters
    To Quote our customer: "Other machine learning systems would take well over a year in CPU time on problems Discipulus comfortably solves in a week."
    • Sixty to two-hundred times faster than comparable modeling techniques
    • Creates models from large data-sets quickly and easily
    For building predictive models of real world problems, Discipulus™ 5.2 offers unique advantages based on our patented computerized learning technology.
    Ease in Deploying Models
    Discipulus outputs ready to be deployed programs of generated models in most high level languages.
    • Easily understood models produced in C#, Java, Delphi, C, or Intel Assembler for deployment
    Comparing with Other AI Techniques
    • Unlike neural networks, Discipulus automatically separates relevant and irrelevant inputs and easily handles highly correlated inputs
    • Consistently out-performs neural networks, classification trees, support vector machines and robust regression methods with less work